Commercial Properties Need to Be Clean to Be Competitive

Staying competitive by keeping your commercial business looking like new. Frisco, Allen and many other DFW surrounding areas are growing very fast, building new office, retail and other commercial spaces every day. It’s not easy for a 10 year old office building to compete with a brand new, shiny office space that has opened right down the road. The older building will have signs of wear and tear and won’t be as appealing aesthetically in most cases.

The best way to ensure your commercial space stays competitive is through regular maintenance to both the inside and the outside of the building. This includes daily janitorial services and regular power wash services to the building and the surrounding parking spaces and sidewalk.

Not many people like to stop at a gas station and use the restroom. Why? Because they’re usually gross. Transfer that same “gross” feeling to one of your tenants or their potential clients. It can literally make the difference between keeping long term tenants and having empty space. It makes more financial sense to invest in regular janitorial services and keep your tenants happy than vice versa.

Apply that same concept to the outside of the building and surrounding areas. Weather can cause a lot of wear and tear to a structure. Mold, moss and other contaminants can grow on your building causing discoloration and structure material weakening. The same is true with sidewalks, but add oil and gas leaks to the parking lots. Regular power washing can keep these destructive and unappealing elements from doing damage to your property and driving away potential clients based on a bad first impression.

With proper overall maintenance, your office space can remain competitive among new growth and development.

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