Plano Power Washing

Plano Power Washing Services for Commercial Businesses

As a Plano, TX business owner you know that your entrance, parking log and surrounding area make a first and lasting impression on your customers. keeping your sidewalks, parking lots and bin areas clean is important to the perception your clients have about your brand.

Power Washing Services are not expensive and we can put you on a low cost maintenance plan to keep your lot and surrounding area looking  like new.

We do a single Power Wash or provide Power Wash Subscriptions

Have it your way, we can come on demand or we can schedule a weekly, monthly or quarterly cleaning based on your  preferences and needs.

Power Washing Services We Provide:

  • Apartment Building Walls (Your beautiful stone walls can be washed back to life)
  • Commercial Building Power Washing
  • Retaining Wall Power Washing (mold, mildew & stains can be removed.)
  • Subdivision Dividing Wall Power Washing Plano, TX (mold, mildew & stains can be removed.)
  • Parking lot Power Washing (oil, gum, grease, spills, and weathered neglect can be removed)
  • Restaurant Trash Area Power Washing (Some of the toughest stains at restaurants are between the back door and the trash bin)
  • Sidewalk Power Washing
  • Driveways
  • Any place you have a tough stain that needs hot water, pressure and possible chemicals
Power washing a 3 story building with scissor lift
Cleaning a Plano Sidewalk Hot Water

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Other benefits to power washing:

  • We can clean and brighten fences, walls, retaining walls buildings parking lots, and more.
  • We can make your office or business more appealing to clients
  • We can remove stains from your drive and walkways.
  • We can prepare an area for a painting or staining project.

Pressure Washing Won't Get The Job Done - Use Power Washing

You may be tempted to pressure wash your Plano, TX lots or buildings, but the truth is that for most stains cold pressure washing just does not work. We have cleaned up a lot of jobs where pressure washing was tried first.

Pressure washing uses cold water and is not suitable for most commercial applications. If you need a high powered hose to clean some dirt of the sidewalk, then pressure washing is fine. If you need to remove grease, weathered discoloring, mold, mildew, and many other tough stains you need a power washing professional. Hot water, and if needed special environmentally safe chemicals, will clean the area. Contact the Plano Dream Team Power Washing at 972-528-7441

We serve the following Zip Code in Plano

  • 75023 NE Plano that abuts Allen, TX
  • 75024 NW Section of Plano the abuts Frisco, TX
  • 75025 NE Plano abut Mckinney and Frisco
  • 75074 East Plano or Old Plano
  • 75075 Southeast section of Plano that runs along the George Bush Tollway.
  • 75093 West Plano between Tollway and Coit Rd