The outside of your restaurant is the first thing your patrons will see. Grease and grime on the sidewalks and near your entrance can really diminish your customers experience. We have serviced a lot of restaurants that have kitchen exits that lead to a parking lot. The entry ways tend to be heavily soiled with grease and grime. Customers parking near or at your restaurant see this, and it likely cost you business.

Restaurant Sidewalk That Needs Power Washing

Walk way to a restaurant kitchen door

grease grime kitchen entrance

Grease and grime built up next to a kitchen entrance

buildup outside kitchen door needs cleaning

Grease grime at the kitchen entrance can be caused by hauling out the trash, dumping mop buckets out the back door and other foot traffic


Dumpster Pad Power Washing / Cleaning Service

Another often overlooked area at restaurants that needs regular maintenance is the dumpster area. Power washing the grease and grime around the dumpster area and under the large dumpster bins is important to keeping vermin away. It will also improve the overall look and feel of your parking lot. (and the smell). Power cleaning the dumpster pad will clean up food remnants, trash, oil spills, grease, dirt, chewed gum,

We serve Dallas, FriscoPlano, Carrolton, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Denton Little Elm, and most parts of DFW.

We power wash using professional, industrial equipment and environmentally friendly, bio-degradable cleaning agents to power wash and steam clean the exterior surfaces of your restaurant. We use the correct amount of pressure so as to not cause damage to the stone or concrete. We also use hot water and cleaners to professional pressure wash the hard surfaces. We always follow all EPA, Local and Clean Water Act rules and regulations..

restaurant dumpster area needs cleaning

The dumpster pad can be disgusting if you don’t stay on top of regular maintenance

We recommend a deep cleaning of the exterior surface, anywhere a customer might see as well as areas that become grease ridden and may cause a safety issue. We will Power wash all dirt, grime, mold, algae and food waste. We will then deep clean, power wash and or steam wash the walkway and entrance of all dirt, stains, grime, mold, liquids, algae growths and gum.